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PsychoSpiritual Healer

Quantum Approaches to Healing Body and Soul

Noreen, an intuitive mystic and gifted healer.  She facilitates personal growth and healing with her clients  through Divine Inspiration and Grace. A gifted clairvoyant, clairaudient, a medium, as well as a certified regression facilitator, Noreen incorporates her unique abilities into her sessions.  Her Divine gifts add to the uniquely woven part of Noreen’s being that helps to make up who she is, and not simply what she does.
Noreen maintains a very strong commitment to helping her clients become self empowered and provides each individual the opportunity to shift their internal awareness and attention from the busy chatter of the mind-body into a deeper place of connection with their own soul. She sees and works with the endless resource of Divine Love and Light that is infinitely available to every human being on the planet.  She is a powerful mirror of one’s own Soul and assists the individual to see the real truth of themselves, and connect with their own souls love, light, and purpose for being. Noreen has been student of many forms of ancient healing practices, including Native American Mayen, Toltec, and Egyptian traditions, as well as newer quantum healing techniques. She has participated in many spiritual power journeys, and has traveled to sacred sites throughout the world, such as Stonehenge, the pyramids of the ancient Mayans, and ancient Toltecs.

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"Noreen is a conduit of blessings for the bigger gifts of life in ways that are Mystical, Spiritual and Magical.  Whatever is Divine and Spiritual and Love Filled moves through her into the person she is working with.   She is a Divine gift giver"    Bill Bauman, PhD

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